Love your body, Love yourself! Your Body is the Temple of Your Mind and Soul

Signs of a Good Aesthetician* He or she is impeccably groomed, warm and friendly.* She is a stickler for cleanliness and sanitation: keeps a clean table and washes her hands before she begins touching your face.* The aesthetician gives you a relaxing facial customized to your skin. She can do extractions without causing too much discomfort and is responsive to your pain threshold.* She can answer any questions you have about what she’s doing and why.* The good aesthetician follows your lead in terms of how much “chat” there is. It’s your time!* She asks about your home skin care routine and advises you on how to take care of your skin between facials. She advises you on what products are best suited for your skin without being pushy.* A good aesthetician recognizes skin problems that require a dermatologist. If you have a problem that needs a medical doctor, the aesthetician lets you know.

I have a holistic, natural, and organic approach to skin care, and I offer corrective and relaxing Facials and Body Treatments to help balance your inner harmony, such as Aromatherapy, Microdermabrasion with Diamond Wand tip, LED Light Therapy, Hair and Scalp treatments with essential oils for rejuvenation and relaxation, Brow Design:Tint, Shaping and Maintenance Waxing, Paraffin Services, and more.